Monthly Archives: August 2011

Shakespeare’s Autocorrect

I’ve spent too much time on Damn You to avoid commenting. Also, I’m a big fan of mistakes.

Wimpy on Finance

This is a sketch from an aborted cartoon about the financial crisis. I was happy with how J. Wellington Wimpy came out but couldn’t really come up with a punchline.

Bill’s Daymare

a thought-provoking and terribly humorous cartoon confusing Sooki and SnookiI guess vampires have daymares. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Walking Targets


Ever feel like you’ve been targeted? It could be worse. (cartoon from 2004)



I know how I am. I don’t know how to tell you, though. (cartoon from 2004)

Pancakes & Beer

If you’ve clocked any time in Williamsburg, you’ll know what I mean about pancakes and beer. (cartoon from 2003)

Invention Standard-Bearer


Ironically, the invention of sliced bread was short-shrifted. (cartoon from 2008)

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