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Schrödinger’s Touchdown

Apropos of nothing probably, but there you go.



Schrödinger’s cat Theory:

Packers v. Seahawks game ender:


I’m a little late putting up this video from SXSW back in March of this year. I just bought the current release from EXITMUSIC and remembered that I never posted the video from this awesome and personal performance. So here goes.

No Offense

One of the best things about having kids is being able to capitalize on their mistakes.


A Fraction

For all the kids starting school who cannot fathom that they will need to know anything they are learning when they are grown up.

Crowded Firehouse

Thinking about the “Innocence of Muslims,” the YouTube video that may have sparked the violence in Libya, I can’t help feel conflicted about free speech and religious freedoms we have here (including the freedom to not have religion). Free speech is great but it must also be responsible. This was discussed in Schenck vs. the United States.

But enough about that. Here’s a silly cartoon from 2004.

Tears of Users

I’m still going to try to help people based on their tear qualities.


A Wild Hair


For the record, this is not an expression I use. But it’s close.

Shift in Perception


Just when you thought it was safe to mock the cars stuck in traffic with you…

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