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Just a Doc

From the folks who brought you “Phil is a Buster” and and “Gerry Mander was My Friend,” a new series of Schoolhouse Rock songs for things we never thought we’d have to explain to children.

Insecurity Dog

dog telling a man that he's doing alright

Tray of Misfit Soaps

poor drawing of soap dish with three small soaps, each one remorseful and begging for the sweet kiss of death

Spider Real Estate

Bad Flocker


Person Pill


TP Bears


If this was a Seinfeld episode, there would be a pithy phrase for these bears. As it is, I just think they really try to intrude a little too much into my personal habits.

Phone Games



The kids seem like all they want to do is play games on their phones. I don’t get how that’s fun. Andy Rooney out.

Disparate vs. Desperate Data



Here’s one from 2006 of which I was recently reminded.


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