Monthly Archives: June 2012

Take a Troll

We Shan’t Mate

Ever wonder how birds know which bird to mate with? I’ll allow that they can tell the difference between boy birds and girl birds, and probably different orders as well. But when it comes down to family, genus and species? Even though I have not heard of new inter-breeds I’m still not convinced.

The Issue of Light and Heavy, Revisited

Finally I was able to figure out what was wrong with my tablet (bad pen). I got the new pen today and celebrated by drawing two new cartoons. First, I drew a “real” version of the sketch below about carrying light and heavy things together. Here ya go.

Second new cartoon will be posted in the morning.

The Issue of Light and Heavy

I’m having a some issues with my tablet which are preventing me from creating new cartoons in Photoshop. Still troubleshooting, in the mean time here is a photographed sketch that I would have cleaned up digitally.

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