Monthly Archives: December 2012

Naming the Cliff

Turns out Ben Bernake just offhandedly came up with the term Fiscal Cliff. I imagined it as much more involved. Credit to “Hudsucker Proxy” for the visuals.naming-the-cliff

Boxing Day


Happy Boxing Day, rest of the world.boxing-day

Mayan Apocalypse Lessons Learned

Some research and some made up facts. It’s more fun that way.mayan-lessons

Advances in Parking


I have grown to resent this cartoon. I’ve done a little at a time over several nights and now it’s finally done. I don’t know if it’s clever or funny but I do know it’s done.parking-advances

Ironic Bond


Beside covalent and ionic, there is another lesser-known one.ironic-bond

Physical Cliff

Is this more Thelma & Louise or The Heavenly Kid? Dunno, but I have no problem borrowing from the greats.


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