Monthly Archives: November 2012


Apologies to anyone who was hoping for something a little more clever and researched. Sometimes words are just funny sounding.


Violently Polite

There’s a fine line between very polite and very violent. Isn’t there?

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A Quick Note

Who handwrites notes any more anyway?

Hacktivist Judge

Forget the activist judges. This is what I’d worry about.

Weather History

Recent polling indicates that everyone loves cartoons about traffic and weather. Every ten minutes.

Please, you go.

It’s not often we are undone by an overabundance of kindness. But sometimes we are.

1 ≥ 1

So, which will it be? NOBAMA or MOBAMA?


Back in Time

This one is for all my bros in Jersey and New York.

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