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drawing of a tree overhanging a row of hostas, lots of ideas underneath for how to keep deer away

McDonald’s Flag

Must-Have Gifts

Q: Do you ever have a slightly good idea for a cartoon but don’t get around to making it until it is way, way too late to make any sense to the reader?

A: Who, me?

Freedom Mask

Man asks woman to put her mask over her nose. She refuses, claiming rights as a citizen. Hilarity ensues.

Internship Cycle

Part One

Part Two

The Internship Cycle

Insecurity Dog

dog telling a man that he's doing alright

Tray of Misfit Soaps

poor drawing of soap dish with three small soaps, each one remorseful and begging for the sweet kiss of death

Spider Real Estate

Yesterday Socks

poorly drawn cartoon showing two scretched-out socks with big toe space on either end

Ode to Tanya Roberts

Looking back at this older toon — a reference to the remarkable Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. May she rest in peace.

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