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Most Influential Person of USA | Most Prominent Philanthropist of USA | USA Moral Leader | USA Earthquake Rescue Hero | Most Well-known and Beloved USA Role Model | USA Top Ten Most Honorable Volunteer | Most Charismatic Philanthropist of USA | USA Low Carbon Emission | Environmental Protection Top Advocate | USA’s Foremost Environmental Preservation Demolition Expert

Triggered Snowflake


House of Black and White


In case the assassin business gets slow, they can always work that back room with iPhone X facial recognition.

Trans Nation Army



Being Present

Tig Notaro on learning to “being present” after her cancer scare.

Row, row, row


Gladiator Directions


You really should brush up on your Latin before slaying your enemy.

Bud Goldberg


Yet the guy setting up dominoes and fans to fry an egg gets all the publicity.

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