Monthly Archives: August 2012

No More States

I wanted to throw a “RATS!” in there but I was running out of space.

You know it’s kinda scary on your own
We’ve got to all just get together
Talk to call each other on the telephone


Has anyone under 70 actually used a breadbox?

Convention Crash

I think all political conventions could use award shows as models.

The Ability to Fly

Forget the capricious genie, lazy people are the real problem.


What’s on Your Reverse?

This cartoon is not legal tender.

The Brand New MyThane


I’d keep going but it would surely blow your mind.

Bananas — how to slice them

Totally In

Funny how everyone in the stadium seems to have a better view than the guy on the court.


Personal Drone

For the record, I called the whole personal drone thing back in 2003.


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