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Trillion Dollar Coin Designs

Some economists are advocating that a single trillion dollar commemorative platinum coin be made and deposited in order to avoid a new government default if the debt limit is not raised in the next two months. (Seriously. No, seriously.) There are no design rules aside from the fact that the coin must be platinum.

Here are some proposed designs in case this coin gets minted.


Convention Crash

I think all political conventions could use award shows as models.

Founding Fathers

Happy birthday, USA!

Music Duets to the Death

I find it interesting how the results of an instrument-playing contest is commonly accepted as a fair way to judge who should die. Perhaps it’s because one of the players is usually intrinsically evil (Satan, minion of bad guy). Apparently, when you are unrepentantly bad you have little to lose and a musical death challenge is par for the course.

I know the story about selling your soul to the Devil often plays into this storyline. Crossroads was probably my first experience with the devil-music-challenge. 

This was probably closely followed by the Charlie Daniels Band classic. I preferred the Devil’s section although it really only included the fiddle as an ancillary instrument. The bass line is what rocks. Here’s a version from Primus that stays pretty close to the original but has fun Claymation characters. 

More recently I enjoy seeing Scott Pilgrim’s bass battle in which the title character officially loses. 

Don’t get me started on the derivative dance-fight. 

Bodies – The Workplace

So, two halves of a former Chinese prisoner walk into an exhibit…

Sphere Prints



Since I’ve been so unprolific of late you get rewarded by a re-post of a favorite from 2005.

Walking Targets


Ever feel like you’ve been targeted? It could be worse. (cartoon from 2004)

Horse Feet

Since my archive went away when I switched hosts, I am posting a cartoon from the not-too-distant past. (Not just because I’m lazy and out of ideas.)

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