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Eternal Vigilance


So the whole “Eternal vigilance” thing, I think, is interesting. Many of the pro-gun patriots use this, among other things, to support their cause. Harking back to Jefferson makes it sound pretty good. The only problem is, TJ never said this and no one is really sure who said it first. The earliest attribution is to Boston abolitionist Wendell Phillips and even that is displayed in quotation marks as if he were repeating it himself (among other problems).

Trump Debate Prep


One theory is that Donald Trump is really a humble, self-effacing, and modest guy — he’s just influenced by braggarts in his midst.

Dear Zippy Loan

Dear Zippy Loan,

You may want to consider a different slogan since you are called Zippy Loan.


Instead of “Borrow from a trusted resource” how about “Get yer loans real quick” or something along those lines.

Just an idea.


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