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Dining with the Kids

Restaurant is the same. Kids are the same. The toys are just more expensive.


Boxing Day


Happy Boxing Day, rest of the world.boxing-day

Ironic Bond


Beside covalent and ionic, there is another lesser-known one.ironic-bond

No Offense

One of the best things about having kids is being able to capitalize on their mistakes.


Grover (Disambiguation)

One of these is my favorite Grover.

Sphere Prints



Since I’ve been so unprolific of late you get rewarded by a re-post of a favorite from 2005.

Emotional Crayons


I saw a recent “study” professing that Crayolas are superior to Rose Art crayons because the melt more easily. Crayolas rock, no doubt, but how does a melt test prove this?

This cartoon has nothing to do with that and more to do with those sad little mini-packages of crayons you get to keep the kids busy before your order arrives. (Cartoon is from 2004.)

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