Live blogging my deviated septum surgery, part 5

I guess I didn’t plan that out too well. It was really hard to type while asleep although I’m pretty sure I did just that in college. A lot.

Coming out of the Propofol is really weird because it’s like having a deep dream and then waking up almost immediately. I really wasn’t in a lot of pain and I was able to stand up in about an hour. Moving me from primary to secondary recovery was delayed due to the old guy next to me having some respiratory distress. Normally when someone is in distress my reaction would be to help, but since I was kind of loopy and there was a staff of doctors and nurses tending to him I just sat there and ate my graham crackers and drank my diet Coke. I felt a little odd doing so but, really, what do I have to offer that they didn’t have under control. Plus, I was pretty hungry.

You are allowed visitors in secondary recovery. Kim and my parents were there, rating the hospital services on a mostly positive note. My dad reminded me that I got to keep the socks provided. Sadly, I had to return the calf-cuff things that periodically massaged my legs during the procedure. Those were nice — at least from what I remember.



Going home, I’ve got an ear-sling/nose stopper to wear due to the fact that my nose is pouring goo and blood. (I’m not really as annoyed as I look in the picture.)

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