Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

If you came for the opinion piece on changing the name of JEB Stuart High School, it’s here. For the record, I’m in favor of changing the name but I think there are other things going on that are more important to address. Yes, you could change the name and address the other issues at the same time. My only concern is that FCPS would change the school’s name, brush off their collective hands and declare all is right with Justice Marshall/Peace Valley/Whatever high and walk away. Kind of like lowering the Confederate battle flag and saying racism was solved.

This blog is an exercise in self-promotion of cartoons I draw from time to time. My wife, Kim, might have something to say as well under her byline. Some of the cartoons are funny, some aren’t. Occasionally I may opine or rant on a subject but 95% of the time this is a cartoon blog. You can read it in under a minute and walk away or read another.

Thanks for your patronage.


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